Hosted by Irish queens Candy Warhol and Kiki St Clair,'Friends Of Dorothy' is a new podcast that camp, queer and full of pride. 

Originally created to celebrate pride season in a time when no physical celebrations were allowed, the queens set out to speak to LGBTQ+ icons and allies about their connection to their community and how they, from their life experiences, think we can all be better to one another.While this is still the basis for each episode, the show has continued to grow with each guest bringing something insightful, poignant and moving to each conversation along with life, career and hilarious chats in between. 

That being said, the queens aim to make each episode camper and funnier than the last and have steadily been making their way through their dream list of guests.From international drag queens to pop culture legends, gay icons and queer heroes, the queens first season has included an incredible world renowned roster and they are just getting started. 

Through its first season,'Friends Of Dorothy' has been a regular in the Apple Podcast Charts.Often found in the top 20 of Arts & Culture and Top 10 in Performing Arts and Trending in Ireland and steadily climbing on the international charts and top 10 positions across Europe.  

Currently midway through season one,Candy and Kiki are gearing up to unleash an amazing set of guests and surprises to end 2020 with a much needed glittering bang! 

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